Monday, August 6, 2012

True Romance

Since I'm a girl, when I asked Big E to go for a full moon ride with me on Friday night, I was sort of hoping for something like this:
You know, we have a nice dinner, then we ride our bikes out to the lake and the moon rises and all is right with the world. In fact I was hoping so much for this that I completely ignored Big E when he reminded me of the weather report during dinner. I also ignored him when he pointed out the lightning off to the west as we started our ride.

In my defense, it still wasn't raining when we reached Lake Minnetonka. But then, we couldn't smooch in the moonlight either because the moon was buried beneath clouds that should've been a warning to me to stop ignoring the weather report and the lightning.

What can I say? I'm stubbornly hopeful. Or maybe hopefully stubborn? Either way, instead of my romantic moonlight kiss, I got to ride the last few miles in something like this:
Just pretend the light in the picture is lightning and add in some 50 mph winds.

Of course, I added to the romanticness of all of this by nearly riding head on into the curb. Rumor has it I made some sort of tortured cat noise right before I somehow managed to get my body off the bike before I faceplanted.

Thank goodness, because it would really suck to end a romantic evening with a road-rashed face.

Instead, it ended in the bar with a little whisky, hot cocoa and Bailey's. Who says a little rain has to ruin an evening?