Saturday, October 31, 2015

Love Fests and Bobcats

Due to an ear-attacking virus, not a lot of excitement has happened on the bike or running trails lately. Of course, true to form, this does not mean our lives have been dull.

First up, we had a visit from this lovely lady.
Well, actually, we had a visit from Pop and Mama Liz, but they stayed in a hotel while Amanda, the world's most lovesick dog, bunked with us. As you can see from the photo, she was clearly thrilled about it. Basically, she refused to eat, poop or do anything without Pop. When he did stop by the house, she demonstrated a love fest, complete with crying and back flips, like one I've never seen from any creature. At least I know Pop is well-loved.

To add to the excitement of their visit, we happened to be in the midst of having the sidewalk and driveway redone. Twice. Yes, that is right. Big E now owns the world's most expensive driveway. Based on how much this thing cost, there better be some gold buried underneath it. The highlight for me was this addition to my morning coffee.

Who doesn't love a Bobcat outside the kitchen at 8am?

To add even more excitement to this whole process was the ear-attacking virus, which led to two trips to urgent care, an EKG, a CT scan, two blood tests, a dose of Predisone and two B12 shots. The good news-  I can now stand up without tipping over. The double good news- At least we know there is nothing wrong with my head or heart. I have a feeling the bad news will arrive any day now in the form of a bill for all that crap. When it arrives, hopefully I can focus on the triple good news- after nearly a month off, running and biking again is a special treat. Maybe I just needed a gentle reminder to appreciate the small stuff...and big stuff... and everything in between.