Friday, December 28, 2012

Got Tears? Buy Underpants.

I've always been a firm believer in making the most of what you've got.  Got rotten bananas? Make banana bread. Got a stomachache? Take it as a chance to lay around and read a good book. Have to wait in a long line? Meet a new friend. You get the point....

Anyway, apparently I'm wearing off on Big E. Our Christmas tree tipped over a few days before Christmas. No problem. He turned the whole room into a tree.
We don't have a fireplace. No problem. He found the yulelog on TV.
Which leads me to this question- do you think Santa can come in through the TV? Because somehow he got into the house and left me not the usual one, but TWO stockings on the end of my bed. Of course, these means I woke up with presents all over the bed. Thankfully the big man must know I kick all night so he didn't put anything fragile in there.

Big E only got one, but his Santa has a bit of a problem figuring out what will fit in the stocking so he got a few extra presents instead.
Really Santa? You thought that jar of pickles was gonna fit in there?

All in all, a very sweet Christmas. I was a bit sad to not have the usual pair of underwear my mom used to give me, but I made the most of that too. Turns out they put all the fun Christmas panties on sale the next day.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let It SNOW!

This blog started with a trip a couple of years ago. That trip started with the longing for seasons. San Diego didn't have seasons. I wanted seasons. I'm finally getting my seasons. I know some people hate them, especially winter, but for me each one brings some new adventure without ever leaving town.

Saturday night/Sunday morning brought us a little snow. The boys let me tag along on their ride. I nearly rode my legs off trying to keep up. I hung on for all of minute. I had an absolute blast making snow angels anyway.
Sunday afternoon brought a little more snow.
Thankfully I've seen so little snow in my adult life that shoveling still counts as fun. Especially since I didn't take Big E seriously when he said I should pull into the street before I shoveled all that snow off the van. So.....I shoveled the driveway twice. By choice. There was a snowblower in the garage. Maybe I could make a little side cash shoveling sidewalks?

Or perhaps the city could pay me to shovel parking lots?
Good thing Big E put a shovel in the van, because you never know when you might need to make a parking space for yourself at the trailhead. Unfortunately, I made much more progress with my shovel than I did on my bike Monday morning. Maybe I can get Big E to mount a shovel on the front of the Mini Muk?
Yes, there are boot prints next to those tire tracks. This is called push-a-bike. It's not nearly as fun as ride-a-bike, yet infinitely more fun that being indoors.

Someday I might be able to ride in a foot of the fluffy stuff, but Tuesday I opted for skis. Good thing.
Maybe next I'll try the hills...