Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let It SNOW!

This blog started with a trip a couple of years ago. That trip started with the longing for seasons. San Diego didn't have seasons. I wanted seasons. I'm finally getting my seasons. I know some people hate them, especially winter, but for me each one brings some new adventure without ever leaving town.

Saturday night/Sunday morning brought us a little snow. The boys let me tag along on their ride. I nearly rode my legs off trying to keep up. I hung on for all of about.....one minute. I had an absolute blast making snow angels anyway.
Sunday afternoon brought a little more snow.
Thankfully I've seen so little snow in my adult life that shoveling still counts as fun. Especially since I didn't take Big E seriously when he said I should pull into the street before I shoveled all that snow off the van. So.....I shoveled the driveway twice. By choice. There was a snowblower in the garage. Maybe I could make a little side cash shoveling sidewalks?

Or perhaps the city could pay me to shovel parking lots?
Good thing Big E put a shovel in the van, because you never know when you might need to make a parking space for yourself at the trailhead. Unfortunately, I made much more progress with my shovel than I did on my bike Monday morning. Maybe I can get Big E to mount a shovel on the front of the Mini Muk?
Yes, there are boot prints next to those tire tracks. This is called push-a-bike. It's not nearly as fun as ride-a-bike, yet infinitely more fun that being indoors.

Someday I might be able to ride in a foot of the fluffy stuff, but Tuesday I opted for skis. Good thing.
Maybe next I'll try the hills...

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