Friday, October 14, 2011

It's About Time!

My pop sent me an email saying he'd read my whole blog. Well then, I guess I'd better get on with it and write some more.

A quick run down on the summer:

1- I brought truth to the "If you ain't first you're last" theme of my last post by managing to somehow spend the entire summer alternating between first place and nearly last place in my races. Funny thing I realized- first and last don't really feel all that different if you put it all on the line.

2- I finished out the summer in the "chalet" in the woods and then moved to the city. The dichotomy that became my racing season also seemed to transfer over to my life....

3- I actually had a job this time when I moved, which is a step up from the last three moves. I did, however, sell all my furniture again. Don't worry- I kept the giraffe. My new boss, aka El Jefe, found it quite amusing that I arrived with a 6 foot tall giraffe and no furniture.

4- I proved, yet again, why owning a mini-van is so practical. All I own, including 6 bikes, made it to MN in one trip. I've also proven that the mini-van works quite well for weeding out men who care way too much about what a girl drives......  Hmmmm, maybe my dad gave me this van for a reason.....

So- after almost exactly a year in one of my favorite places on earth, I'm on to the next new adventure. My high school English teacher once told me that if you were truly adaptable you could live anywhere. Life is what you make it - so here's to making it one big adventure in Minneapolis.

I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Wonderful to hear you are doing well and that you got your dad's attention on your blogging. My mom doesn't even understand what the internet is (she's 86) never mind BLOGS! And good to hear you are now settled in MPLS. Ya know ..It gets cold there? so beware!! My very first adventure from home when I was 18 was in 1971 when I hitched from RI to St Paul to visit a new friend. I spent some time in dinkytown before I trucked down the Mississippi to stay on a Wisc. houseboat. Fell in loved with the La Crosse area where I settled for nearly 22 years earning 2 degrees at UW-L, getting married and hopping from a YMCA job there to Hawaii. So that was a big adventure for me. And I love Prairie Home Companion which is based out of the twin cities. Maybe see you next time I AMTRAK thru.