Monday, December 26, 2011

Gracie's New Wheels

I'm gonna admit, I was a little wary when my Christmas gift came with the disclaimer, "You have to give part of this back." 

The wariness became complete confusion when I opened the bag and the first thing on top was a hole saw.....especially since up until that moment I had never seen a hole saw. The confusion didn't really subside when I pulled a punch out of the bag. I still had no idea what was going on. 

Of course then I saw the bright blue Surly rim strip and it all made sense. Gracie was getting some new wheels for Christmas! Better yet, I got to spend the whole day helping. (If you can call incessantly babbling while Santa did all the work helping.....)

We started off in my apartment, but after one hole we realized I'd never be able to walk barefoot in there again if we drilled 59 more.
So we moved Santa's workshop outside and hoped the neighbors didn't come home and want to park.
We finished wheel one in the daylight,
but then the drill needed to charge so poor Santa had to finish up in the dark. Good thing El Jefe gave me a headlamp for Christmas!
Gracie loves her new kicks! So do I since they make the bike feel 5 lbs lighter..... Now it will be easier to chase Santa around on his sleigh!

Don't worry- I gave the hole saw back and cleaned up the mess in the neighbor's parking spot....

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  1. Wow thats pretty cool-I never seen lightening up the wheels like that. I guess as long as you don't impact the wheel terribly hard the rim won't bend. Should be a fun ride!