Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Girl Unsupervised Store

A couple of weeks ago, I got tired of searching for pictures of quotes I wanted to use on the blog. So I decided I should just take the quotes I wanted and paint them on signs. Somehow, between Big E buying me some wood and his buddy giving me even more, that turned into 51 signs. One of those was a special one I made for Big E. Then the neighbor asked if he could buy one while I was painting my heart out in the backyard so now there are 49.  Of course, I already have a list of more to make because once I start a project, I just go full steam ahead until I drop from exhaustion.

Since all I really want to keep is a picture of each one, they will all go up in the new Girl Unsupervised Store.  There are currently only nine because the rest don't have twine yet. As they come, I'll be adding more.  Hopefully at some point, each one will end up here with a story of its own. Of course, if you have a good quote you think I should make into a sign, I'm always open to ideas. Stealing your genius is much easier than inventing my own....


  1. Signworthy or not... My goal in life is to generally not be thought of as an a--hole.

    At least that's my current philosophy. Subject to revision, of course.

  2. love this! I did something similar to decorate my temporary apartment after seeing a sign in a 'beach' store for $150. I'll check out the store (as long as you aren't selling them for $150!)