Sunday, January 3, 2016


I've posted before about my interesting finds on my urban trail adventures. I guess I should count myself lucky to live near a trail where I can find a hooka and track deer on the same day. Or, as happened more recently, track some turkeys
and find a bra on the same day.
Yes, I realize this is blurry but I was afraid to get too close lest there be a half naked couple in the vicinity.
A leopard print bra no less. If I add this to the recent finds of a glove, hat, jacket and sarong, I'd have a whole outfit. Of course, I wouldn't be wearing panties and my bra would be six sizes too large but I'd have an outfit.

Maybe I'll wait 'til spring. By then I'll probably have two gloves and a couple of mismatched shoes.

Before our last few inches of snow fell, I also came across this on the trail.
I'll admit, I was incredibly tempted to read it. The few words I could see were full of passion, leading me to want to see the rest. I stuck it in my pocket and carried it home. It looked too personal to leave for just anyone to find and read. Of course, by the time I got home, I had convinced myself that I too, was just anyone to this person and the words weren't meant for me to read. Some words, even quite a few of my own, despite the fact that I post so many of them publicly here, are meant to be private. So, I reluctantly buried the note in the trash.

Of course, now I'll never know if it belonged to the same girl who lost her bra, but perhaps some things are better left unknown. I'm sure I'll find something even more interesting soon. Let's just hope it's not panties.

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