Monday, September 20, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, I've moved, and I love it here in northern Michigan. There are, however, days when I feel like I've moved to a new country. Things are a little different here than in a southern California city. Some lessons I've learned:

1- Men open the door for you in Michigan so you need to stop and wait or you look really rude.

2- Men will also carry heavy things for you in Michigan. Even if you are working and they're your customer. (I'm getting really good at pretending things are heavy......)

3- It's not a good idea to bend over in front of the bike shop (on one of the main streets) to pump tires if you're wearing a skirt. (Think cat calls and honking....)

4- It's almost equally as bad to climb a ladder out front to fix the sign while wearing the skirt.

5- If someone waves or honks while you're running, wave back. You'll probably see that person at the grocery store or gym later.

6- Remember names. People will remember yours and use it.

7- Show up on time. Really- on time, not on CA, ten minutes late time. Every one else will be early.

8- Always take a jacket and hat. It actually gets below 50 here.......

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