Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuff I Love

I know most of you think I'm crazy for moving to Northern Michigan right before winter so I'm feeling the need to tell you why I love this place. Here's just a few reasons I can come up with and I've been here only a few weeks:

1- I run into people I know in the coffee shop. They introduce me to other people and we sit and chat instead of rushing off.

2- People I meet in the coffee shop invite me out with groups of friends so I can meet more people.

3- People I know actually stop me on the street when I'm driving and roll down the window to talk. Really- already happened.

4- The bartender sneaks me out the back door if there's a creepy guy waiting out front.

5- When the van door breaks and I spend a day or two with it tied shut, one of the guys at work offers to try to fix it, even though he's already spent all day fixing bikes.

6- There's a great big adult-size tricycle at the shop. I get to ride it out front in the morning. (I spied a few unicycles in the back too but I haven't braved those yet. The trike is more my speed.)

7- My boss pays me extra if I get to work in any sort of non-motorized fashion. This gives him points towards the best boss ever. Even if there are fruit flies around his desk.

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  1. So, you're here in MI for awhile. Glad to hear it. We're more TC people, but do get to Petoskey sometimes. Did you find a place to live? Enjoy! If you get downstate, Lansing area, check in. Would love to see you.