Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've discovered a new way to tell if it's been a good day. It's all about how many pairs of underwear you go through.

No, I don't need Depends. Yet.

Tuesday was, however, a three underwear day. I got up, put on clean undies and went downhill skiing. I know what you're still thinking here and no, I didn't pee my pants out of fear. Although this was quite possible since, on my first time off the bunny hill, we took a lift up that said it went to some green runs. Of course, we got to the top and the green run was closed so my very first time down got to be on a blue, in front of a whole group of people taking a lesson.

Let's just say I now know how to fall.

At least I didn't pee.

Anyway, when I got home, everything was a bit sweaty so I took a shower and put on dry undies. Four hours later, I went cross country skiing before dance class. After two hours of skiing, I once again had sweaty undies and I figured, "Who really wants to dance with a girl wearing sweaty undies?" So I put on pair number three.

That's when I realized I knew it was a good day because, really, how could it not be a good day when you need three pairs of underwear?

Of course, when I'm old and I start going through three pairs of underwear I probably won't be this happy but I'll worry about that then. At the moment I just need to go shopping for some more underwear....


  1. A simple solution is to just stop wearing underwear.

  2. You would be a perfect gear tester for Icebreaker underwear. They have the whole "I don't stink" tagline going on...

    I have to admit, I've worn Icebreaker baselayers for 12 consecutive days out on a glacier/mountaineering expedition and they definitely stink less than polypro.

    Have to agree- if your day brings you enough fun activities that it merits a triple-threat underwear change (for one reason or another) it's a damn good day.