Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bed and Breakfast

Warning: There's  picture of a dead squirrel so be fairly warned before you scroll down!

Last night was my first night in the new place. I got a big dose of Northern MI kindness when the landlord offered to help me move my sofa, bed and Wally. At the moment that's all the furniture I own so moving wasn't really all that difficult. Although we did look a bit like Sanford and Son on the way to the

In case you were wondering, yes, that's a water-ski tow rope. Hey, whatever works.

I'll be honest, I liked this place so much when I first saw it, I didn't even really bother to check out the details. Thankfully there were no huge surprises. There's a bathroom. There's hot water. The best surprise, in fact, was this:

I'll never need to look for a bottle opener as long as I live here! I decided to call the place The Man-Chalet after I found it, because clearly a man remodeled this place. Or lived here before me. Or  both. 

Surprise number two came this morning. The sun woke me up, which is a good thing, because it meant  it was too quiet for anything else to wake me. I walked out on the front porch to find this:
I burst out laughing. The landlord has been telling me about this flying squirrel that was causing some ruckus up in the roof while he was fixing the place up. He was determined to catch the thing so it wouldn't run around in my roof all night. Of course he's been trying to catch it for weeks and it finally takes the bait on my first night! Poor little guy appeared to just sort of fly right into the trap. Good thing I've been well conditioned to tolerate rodents after my stint in the rat shack years ago:
Although I'll admit I'm sort of hoping we're done killing things on my front porch for awhile. I prefer bacon for breakfast, thank you. 


  1. The Man-Chalet sounds perfect! So glad you've got a good landlord. It makes all the difference :)

  2. That looks like a pretty sweet place! I'd love to see a flying squirrel in action (not dead)!