Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A half an hour earlier, I was sitting in that chair, painting that bookshelf. I went inside for a shower. I was standing in the kitchen making dinner when I heard something hit the side of the house. I looked out the window and the tree was on the ground two feet away. The other half of the trunk landed an inch from the front of my van.

Somedays are lucky.

Of course, I'm sure the landlord doesn't think it was his lucky day since now he has to fix the roof and the deck, but hey, it was mine so I'll just be thankful for that!


  1. Whoa... that sent some shivers down my spine! So glad that you dodged that tree and that your van also escaped unscathed. That's too close for comfort.

  2. Whoa crazy! I'm glad you weren't standing out there! Isn't timing amazing!?!?!