Monday, July 9, 2012

Even Monday Can Be A Favorite Day

Wouldn't it be awesome if today could always be your favorite day? If every one could be just a little bit better than the one before?

I know it's not realistic because we all know bad things happen, but I do think there are ways to try to make today the favorite as much as possible. For instance, sometimes making today your favorite day just means forgetting about yesterday. If it was crappy, let it go and start over. Pretty easy way to make today better than yesterday at least. If yesterday was great, let today be awesome in a different way. A lot of us hate Monday because we have to work, but you never know, Monday could turn out pretty amazing if you get a great new client or snag a promotion or win the lottery..... Just a thought....

On that note, some photos from my favorite days of the last few weeks:

Obviously, I should just put my shoes on before I leave the house to lead the group run because I showed up at Urban Tri last week with these in my backpack. Sometimes you just have to go with it...

Speaking of going with it, most of my favorite days lately have involved conquering my fears on the mountain bike, which usually involve bridges.

Of course those are all pics from my phone that I sent to people to say, "Hey, I finally did this!" Actually I think I sent them all to my friend Joe. I'm still trying to make up for the day he had to witness the worst breakdown on the trail EVER. Oddly, I think that day ended up being a favorite, even though we ended up riding in thunder and lightning. A lesson learned from the bridges- sometimes it's best to just look ahead toward your destination and not worry about how scary it is to get there.

Of course, how could a day not turn into a favorite when I discover that my favorite biking snack is available at Costco for a mere 43 cents a piece?
Somehow, even this day ended up a favorite (Don't worry, Pop, I pulled over to take the picture):
Mostly because it ended up with this. (And thirty degrees cooler.)

Now go on, make today your favorite....

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  1. I've always, always loved this Pooh-Bear quote! Combined with your words and photos in this post, I now have a new favorite.

    Thanks for this! :)