Friday, July 27, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

 For every sad moment in my life, I'm blessed with thousands of wonderful moments.  Not many people have a guy who will make them birthday cake when it's not their birthday! I'll admit I cried, but I still blew out on the candles and made a wish.

The weeks have been filled with pizza eating and being cool:
Big E, aka Ponch             

Mountain bike racing:

Greatest race face ever...

 And a girl's night when I'd planned to throw my panties at the movie screen, but decided the reserved crowd at Magic Mike might have me thrown out. Oh well, I hooted and hollered anyway.

 Thanks to all of you who commented, sent me nice emails or gave me big hugs after my last post. You're all awesome!

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  1. Another positive moment for you... My boys devoured your treat in seconds, they loved it! Chocolate faces and smiles for you!