Monday, September 24, 2012

Hillbilly Living Room

 I must admit, after being a bit wary of Minnesota my first few months here, it's starting to grow on me a bit. (Not that I'll ever get used to the horrible drivers, but I think I can live that. Maybe...) However, city life just wasn't my thing so when the lease was up, I moved to the country. I just went ahead and skipped right on past the 'burbs and found the most remote place possible with a reasonable commute. (After all, I must limit my exposure to the horrific driving of the Minnesotans.) Usually the first half of my commute involves more passing of tractors than cars so I think it's gonna work out just fine...

Fortunately, I can afford a bigger place in the country. Unfortunately, I'm a bit short on furniture. 
Big E suggested I buy one of those camp chairs for two. I think he was kidding, but I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea. Now if I could just build a campfire in the living room...

Living in the boonies comes with a few perks:

Of course, there are a few oddities as well:

There's something about me living in the boonies that always seems to involve dead rodents.... I've upgraded (I think) from rats to flying squirrels to bats.

In the meantime, Sam is enjoying some cyclocross riding without the extra dozen or so pounds she had to lug around on the Gravel Conspiracy.

So many kinds of riding, so little time....

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