Friday, November 9, 2012

Thompson for Prez

I was driving through state number five of six on Monday and listening to the speeches on CNN radio when I came up with the brilliant idea that I should run for president. I heard the two candidates would visit eight states between them and figured if I can do six in one day without an airplane I've got one up on both of them. I mean, really, could either of them manage to drive through rural Michigan without hitting a deer, skirt Chicago at rush hour and avoid getting pulled over by one of the 1,000 cops lining the freeways in Madison (the prez was speaking) all in one day?

Of course, my presidential campaign would probably come to a roaring halt as soon as the public discovered my propensity for spontaneous nudity. Seriously, you know darn well this picture would end up on the front page of every newspaper in the country.
So I'll let that dream go for now.

Now on to the story of why, exactly, I was driving in six states in one day.

On Thursday I headed to Michigan for Iceman, a 30ish mile mountain bike race in Traverse City. After running in the rain and 40mph winds on Thursday night, riding in the sleet on Friday and racing in the snow/mud on Saturday, I figured I hadn't encountered any hail yet so I drove the four hours down south to find some. Why not make the trip complete, right?

Ok, fine, it wasn't really all about the hail.  I wanted to visit my grandma while I was close. I needed an ego boost. She's 94 and likes to tell me how cute I am. It was perfect.

So, after visiting with Grammy on Sunday, I woke up Monday morning in southern Michigan, drove south to Ohio, west to Indiana, north to Illinois and Wisconsin and finally west to Minnesota.

Maybe I should consider truck driving as an alternative to politics? My handle could be Girl Undressed....

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