Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ditch Magnet

I'm happy to report I have not cried over underwear in the last two weeks. Actually, I'm quite proud to report I didn't even cry when I had to get my van towed out of the ditch twice in two days last week. Although I will admit to calling Big E after ditch entry #2 and announcing I'd really like to just sit down in the snow/slush and cry. In my defense, it was nearly 9pm, I hadn't eaten dinner, I'd slipped off my own driveway into the ditch, I'd just fallen on the ice and it was raining.

Now that I said all that it seems ridiculous that I refused his offer to come and pull me out. Am I insane?

More likely just incredibly strong-willed. (Yes, Pop, I am admitting this.) I can handle calling my boyfriend once to have him pull me out of the ditch, but, really, twice in two days? I'd much rather let the AAA guy see me without my pride intact. At least I can avoid him for the rest of my life.

In hindsight, although I whined about what a crappy week I was having for 5 days, I am now just grateful I made it to my new job on time every day without a concussion or a missing bumper.

I should also probably be grateful Big E puts up with me, considering my idea of a fun date night is convincing him to disassemble the freezer with a torque wrench (Pop- I need some socket wrenches for my birthday.) so I can attempt to rid it of the garbage smell.
At least I let him have beer...

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