Sunday, February 24, 2013

Live Every Day Like....

They say we should live every day like it's our last. I like that idea. It's just sometimes a bit ambitious. I mean, I really want to live like that, but sometimes I lose sight of that lofty goal. So I decided perhaps I need some more attainable goals I can reach in the meantime. I've decided to start with this:

Live every day like it's the last good day of snow. 

Friday brought us some fresh snow. I watched out the window at work, knowing that with each passing minute I was losing my chance for first tracks. When the devil leading my meeting finally wrapped up her attempt to buy my soul, I dashed out the door and headed to the trail. 

I figured I'd certainly be following in the tracks of those who'd gotten off work before me, but after following fresh snow shoe tracks for a couple of miles, I came around the corner and was treated with this:
Excellent. Day one of snow was treated as if it were the last. Night one wasn't too bad either- friends from out of town, homemade pot pies, moonshine, scotch.....

Of course all of this made the morning of day two a little brutal. There exists out there somewhere a picture of Li'l Dave and I puffy-eyed on Big E's couch at 9 am looking much more prepared to watch cartoons that we did to ride our bikes.  However, the snow beckoned (really, Big E finally just put us both in the truck and started driving to the trail)  and the boys let me tag along for a few hours in the fresh stuff.

Excellent. Day two of snow was treated as if it were the last. Night two was just as a exciting, although we toned it down and drank whiskey instead.

Day three started at 10 am. Yes, I know, I was wasting precious snow time by sleeping in. Have no fear- I did finally make an appearance outdoors, although I traded the bike for skis.
Excellent. Day three treated as if it were the last.

Oh- and night three? I traded the whiskey for water. I need to rest up for day four....

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  1. loved this post... i remember one of the first times i tried cross country skiing was at your house in Michigan... gosh girl that was over 30 years ago!!!