Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What day is it?

Twelve days ago I decided to live every day like it was the last day of snow. Someone is on my side here because last night we got nearly a foot of the fresh stuff. A little photo tour for you:

Lil' Dave and I beginning Day 2. Not sure how many spoonfuls of oatmeal are stuffed in my mouth...
 After a few hours of riding and pushing on Day 2. No, the midday margarita is not mine...
On day 6 somebody lost his tail. I swear I didn't run him over...
 I ran into Jimay! on day 8.
Then I followed his tracks through the unexplored territory.

Had to settle for groomed city trails on day 10. Better than nothing after a day of sitting indoors...
Ahh...today, day 12. The freshy fresh. 
Breakin' trail. 

Looks like I'll get a few more days of livin' it up before it warms up. Livin' the sweet life, havin' the sweet dreams.... (Although Big E says I've been talking about hippopotami in my sleep. Not sure what they have to do with snow, but I'll go with it. Better than zombies...)

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