Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just A Lot More

Over a month ago, I wrote "Just One More." I was out there nearly every day in the snow, trying to get one last fix before it disappeared.

I probably could've chilled out a little back then, since it's currently dumping snow and Big E is out riding his fat bike. In April.

Of course, the snow has melted and come back numerous times since then. I've heard/seen thundersnow, dropped out of Ragnarok because I wasn't sure my feet were still there and moved out of my apartment because I could no longer get up the driveway.
Thankfully Big E has 4WD and a basement to store my stuff.
I've decided I should just accept the fact that my stuff will continue to end up in storage units, basements, the back of my van..... Perhaps I just wasn't meant to live in peace in a normal apartment or house for too long.  My old climbing buddies would say, "Once a groveller, always a groveller." At least Big E lets me sleep in the bed so I don't have to couch surf like back in the climbing days.

Of course, other things have changed since the old climbing bum days as well. For instance, somehow between Big E and I we own what appears to be 500 hangers. I have no idea how this happened. I mean, the fact that we probably own over 50 bottles of liquor between us makes sense, but 500 hangers for a couple of dirty bikers is completely baffling.

Of course, the fact that neither of us owns a dresser may have something to do with this.

We also have numerous jars of pickles. Big E keeps me amused at night by proving that the ones with the 2010 expiration date are still good.
I've learned to check all expiration dates before I eat anything in his house. I think there might be some canned goods older than me. At least we won't go hungry, since we currently have two refrigerators full of food.

We probably won't go sober long either by the looks of the liquor closet.....

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