Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My rear end has finally healed after Alexander. This is a good thing because I'd started to replace all the hours on the bike with obsessive house-cleaning. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I'd reached the point of scrubbing floor boards with a toothbrush. Enough said. Time on the bike was necessary.

I started with a ride to work. My office mates have come to accept the collection of shoes stashed under my desk. I can ride to work with a backpack filled with lunch and a dress, then ditch the backpack and go exploring on the ride home.

Of course, after two weeks with no exploring, I got distracted on the way TO work instead.
The MI girl in me still finds it necessary to examine every body of water in MN in the hopes that one might actually be as clean as Lake Michigan. Let's just say, I rarely ever even dip my big toe into the water here.

Thankfully I discovered I can cut through the woods and across the back lawn at work, which allows me to slink through the back door and pretend I was there much earlier....at least until one of the students in a back classroom sees me out the window.

Chili Uno and I ventured out again after work, determined to explore some new territory on a tip from The Discerning Hobo.

We found the firepit of all firepits.

Ventured down, down, down...

To the tiniest slot canyon ever.
This deer decided to follow us down, not the least bit deterred by my shooing.
Apparently I look like a deer, or smell like one or am simply just too small to be scary. Big E says he's going to take me hunting, make me sit in field until the deer come and then shoot them when they get next to me.

Ummmm....not the romantic hunting weekend I had pictured in my head, but maybe we can compromise.

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