Thursday, May 30, 2013


What happens when you run 6 miles of gravel in your bike shoes. 

I don't write techy gear reviews, mostly because they would consist of, "I rode an aluminum bike with 2 chainrings in the front and 9 or 10 gears in the back." I could walk my butt to the basement and count the rear cassette to be more specific, but I'm still milking the "I just rode 389 miles" laziness. I don't want Big E thinking I've fully recovered yet because then he'll stop waiting on me hand and foot.

So instead, my gear review will consist of sharing of the crap I manage to damage in the course of 3 days. Of course, I'm pretty sure you're all thinking that I wouldn't have damaged all this stuff if I had replaced my old crap in the first place. You'd be right. I was too busy riding to shop and I have serious aversions to trying anything new in a race. I did let Big E drop my bike at the shop a few days before the race, but I was adamant that they could only make it shift better. I believe I said, "Don't let them mess with my brakes."

Apparently some secret brake cable lubricating occurred. I'm thankful for this despite my adamant demands.

Anyway, I'm also thankful Crank Brothers sells build kits, Sidi sells sole pads and Giro sells replacement parts. 
Someone was a little aggressive in trying to make the dirt-filled Roc Loc work again.

Perhaps I'll also take the fact that my drivetrain is now worn to death and turn that into a positive too.  Perhaps it's time for 1 x something......

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