Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Did I Really Just Wear Shorts?

One of the fun parts of writing a blog is looking back on myself a year ago or two years ago or four years ago...

It turns out when I look back to last year, not a whole lot has changed. Last March, I vowed to take advantage of every day of snow we had for the rest of the year. This challenge turned out to last me well into April. My love of snow carried over into this year, although this year I was forced to learn to love sub-zero temperatures as well.  Once I learned to keep every millimeter of my skin covered, this really wasn't a big deal.

Or at least it wasn't until about 10 days ago when I realized I have an ultra marathon to run in less than two months and I haven't run more than a mile without snowshoes since December.  Of course, the windchill was something like -15 the day I decided I'd better get my ass running so I was left to devise a running outfit that would cover my entire body.
Of course, most of the sidewalks were still covered in ice and the 5 foot piles of snow took up the entire shoulder, which means I was left running down the middle of the road in this bank robber outfit. In the end, the outfit was a success. I was warm, I didn't fall on my ass and I didn't get arrested or shot.

Of course, just when I found the perfect outfit, it warmed up and this happened:

 It occurred to me while I was enjoying my run in 50 degree weather that while embracing every last minute of winter is a good thing so is learning to embrace every change in the weather.  Or every change in life for that matter.  So here's to embracing tomorrow- wintery or springy, gloomy or sunny, busy or quiet...

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