Monday, June 28, 2010

Sailing Race

My uncle Joel (a.k.a Poppy) entered his sailboat in a race yesterday. It was father-daughter day so Nikki and I came along to help our dads race. Unfortunately, two of my biggest race nightmares came true in the same day- we missed the start and then had no idea where we were going. Not that I really minded all that much since Nikki and I hopped on the boat in our bikinis and planted ourselves on the bow for the remainder of the trip.  

I did help hook a pole on one sail, but other than that, my usefulness was reduced to yelling, "Go Poppy, you're catching them!" for two hours and learning how to pee with my butt dragging in the water. We actually weren't last. We were, however, disqualified. There's always next time.

We soothed our bruised egos with daiquiris at the Daquiri Deck and then headed out to meet the rest of the family here:

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday!

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