Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Last Day

Today was my last day in paradise so I got to choose the activities. We spent the morning at the massive South Sarasota Y. G-Ma and Kyra played in the water park while I worked out and then I joined them for what felt like a million trips down the slide. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of G-Ma going down. It was impressive.

The afternoon was spent at Siesta Key Beach, where the sand is like sugar. We body surfed, covered ourselves in sand and played big frisbee. Kyra and I sported our matching pink suits:

In the evening I jumped in what I thought would be a low key 2 mile race on the beach. It was pretty low key, but definitely not small:

I guess that's what happens when the local running club offers free races. I was hoping for 5th, but I got outkicked by one of the many youngsters who ended up ahead of me:

My mom pointed out that all the girls ahead of me were much younger. I finally made it through a day without Mom making fun of my (lack of) boobs and she tells me I'm old. Geez.

Kyra accidentally made me my own personal sports drink when she filled my empty bottle with ocean water to build a sand castle. Of course, I grabbed it and took a swig post run before anyone gave me a warning. My dad says this is what I get for always peeing in the ocean.

That dark storm in the picture rolled in immediately when I finished so my cool down consisted of a mad dash to the car and a daiquiri. I'm gonna be sore on that plane ride tomorrow!

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