Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been waiting for the first big storm. Yeah, I know, by March this probably won't be so much fun. Especially if the landlord stops spoiling me by snowblowing my driveway. I should probably feel guilty for spending 2 minutes shoveling the sidewalk while she slaves away at the whole driveway and part of the alley.....

Of course, then I didn't even pull the van out because I figure with even the main roads covered, I could just ski to work.
Earlier in the day I took a run in the blizzard to check out the snow. I'm pretty sure the salmon fishing is done for the year.
As are the picnics.
I'm pretty sure that my favorite running path will be knee deep in snow by tomorrow.

Which doesn't really matter because it will just become a new place to ski!

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  1. Where are you? Cool. are you still in Michigan or the Northwest? I love big snowstorms and getting snowed in for a few days. I used to xc ski alot when I lived in Wisc.