Thursday, April 12, 2012

Although I love the thought process that happens when I'm running, I'll be the first to admit I also love to zone out with my headphones on my long runs. About the time these runs reached 25 miles this year, I needed more than music on the iPod. Thankfully, I'd been saving some Competitor Radio podcasts for just this time of year. 

As I was listening last Wednesday, I realized something that nearly ever person interviewed has in common-  they are all incredibly grateful for what they have. Maybe Bob Babbitt has a way of bringing that out in an interview. Maybe it's a common trait among endurance athletes. Maybe it's just that the ungrateful ones don't want to be interviewed. Whatever the reason, it's inspiring to hear people speak who can find that balance between pushing themselves to be better and appreciating where they are right now. 

So here's to being grateful for the people in my life, the time I have to spend outside and the healthy body to keep moving....


  1. I found your blog via the ragnarok. I'm going to put a link on here to WPR . this is a podcast / mp3 from a show interviewing Kathrine Switzer. This is timely as the Boston Marathon was today. What a great spirit both of these people have :

    if the link does not work go to WPR and look for April 12 2012 show ( kathleen Dunn that is )

    roger - good job at the Rok by the way

    1. Thanks Roger! It's always good to have new stuff to listen to on the long runs!