Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fun Times on the Rag

I've never been big on race reports, but the Ragnarok 105 was more like an adventure so, as is the case with most adventures, there are some stories to tell.

How could a girl ride 107 miles on gravel and not have at least one story to tell?

Another thing I've never been big on are pre-race debriefings. They usually scare me more than they help. This one was no exception. All I remember is something like, "The first downhill is pretty nasty and there are some dogs and chickens at the bottom so be careful."

What, no pigs?!

Thankfully, I made it down that hill and all I encountered were lots of other peoples' water bottles. I did, however, get chased by a dog at mile 90.  I'm happy to report that at mile 90 I can still out-pedal chasing dogs. Although I'm pretty sure he was old and arthritic....

Mostly I was just disappointed that he wasn't a pig.

Anyway, I arrived at the first check point (mile 36) near the back of the pack. (What can I say- I like to pace myself.) I headed out on Q Pete's wheel. I promised him that if he pulled me into the wind, I'd pull him later when the wind was at our backs.  Of course, then I ditched him the second things headed uphill and I didn't need him anymore.  Sorry Pete, but I'm too short to create a good draft anyway....

Maybe all the bacon I plan to ingest at the Sandwich 50 will help me grow taller.

I came into checkpoint two (mile 81) with plans to empty my bladder, but our trusty re-supply man Bill told me I was in third and might be able to catch Big E. That's all I needed to hear to toss him my Camelbak, grab a sandwich and make a quick exit.

The sopresata on that sandwich tasted really good. 

Thankfully for me, my reactions to gluten are delayed until the next day because it turns out I hadn't grabbed my own sandwich out of the cooler. Yes, that's right, I trick people into letting me draft AND I steal other people's food. In my defense, it was Big E's sandwich and he was ahead of me.... How was I supposed to know he was saving it for the finish?  Plus, I got paid back with a bellyache the next day....

By the finish I'd met all my goals: I didn't walk, I didn't crash, I didn't get eaten by a dog (or a pig) and I didn't puke. Not a bad day on the bike......

But I never caught Big E!


  1. Love this recap. Direct and to the point, hitting all the important tidbits :)

  2. Sounds awesome. No pigs, seriously??