Thursday, April 26, 2012

Only so much....

I let Big E talk me into (if asking once can be called "talking me into") another gravel race/ride this weekend. No dogs this time.

Still no pigs either....

Actually, the most exciting part of the day was hearing Joe Meiser's presentation after the race. Even better, he let us see everything he needed to race the Continental Divide.
Yes, all that stuff on the floor fit on his bike. Then he rode nearly 3,000 miles that way. (Don't worry Pop, I'm not going to do this. Yet.)

Although I'm not ready to sign up to race the Continental Divide just yet, he did inspire me to plan some new adventures, especially when he said this:

There's only so much lifetime...and a whole lot of planet.

So I started planning, and then spent a lot of time on the bike and in running shoes this week. A few highlights:
One of my favorite trails     

Something to aspire to....     

Something to refuel with....

Now, I have to go. There's only so much lifetime......and I have a lot of rhubarb to eat! 

(Thanks Big E for growing, harvesting and chopping up all that rhubarb. First I eat your sandwich and now I let you do all the hard work and then swoop in and eat all your rhubarb!)