Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gravel, Apples, Beaches, Mohawks....

The beautiful awesomeness of October has continued.
So has my exploration of my new neighborhood by bike. For instance, I discovered the friendliest yellow lab on the planet while riding down this road. Although it's possible that he was just horny and thought I was a dog. You can never be sure. I figure it doesn't really matter as long as he doesn't bite me. I much prefer licking and humping.

I've also visited a number of apple orchards by bike, although I've yet to brave carrying home a peck of apples on my back.

Of course, the Great Lakes girl in me can't stay away from the nearby beach.
Even if it means carrying my bike over some trees:
Even that obstacle couldn't deter us from a night adventure, although I did barely avoid a fall in the river every time I got distracted by the lights on the other side. (Plus, I learned that if I bring Big E along, he'll lift my bike over stuff for me so the obstacles are much easier with him. At least for me...)

Of course, all of this exploration has necessitated the formation of my own personal tick inspection squad. 
Thankfully he hasn't found any yet, because he appears ready to give me a mohawk if he finds one. At least he doesn't have a blow torch....

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