Thursday, October 10, 2013

No Bon Bons

I am alive.  Just in case you were wondering. However, if you're also wondering if I have any new crazy bike adventures to report, the answer would be no. Aside from a short jaunt to the post office and a night race at Hillside, which I reluctantly participated in so I could drink at the time bonus station, I have spent zero time on my bike. 

Of course, that doesn't mean I've been sitting at home eating bon bons. (Sitting at home drinking whiskey - yes - eating bon bons- no.)  The adventures have continued, although instead of hauling a bike around in my car, I've been busy hauling this monstrosity.

Yes, the Girl Unsupervised tent ends up looking like a beach bar.
Actually, I haul two of them, a canopy, two tables and 200 signs.  So far, I've ventured to two wine festivals and one beer fest. While biking and running will always be my first loves, I've discovered the people watching is far better at these events.

It took awhile for Drunk 1 to arrive. She was supposedly, "taking a nap."

Thankfully, the event organizers always seem think I need a good spot. First I had a front row placement by the band.

It's all fun and games until the polka music starts.
Then I scored a sweet spot next to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation folks.
Trust me, when a torrential downpour rolls in right about the time you want to pack up, it's best to be next to the outdoorsy men. Plus, they had candy and forced me to eat it.
I have no idea what the next adventure will be. For now, I'm working while there's work and hoping for some early snow!

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