Tuesday, October 15, 2013


The adventures on two wheels have begun again.  Saturday was going to be "ride around and take pictures of fall leaves day," but a few minutes into my ride I saw this
and I got a little distracted. Then I discovered his little friend
and decided it would be "ride around and take pictures of mushrooms day."

So, instead of leaves, I bring you fall 'shrooms.
Maybe next time I'll keep my mind out of the gutter and take some pictures of those leaves....


  1. Hey Lisa, the first two are called shaggy mane, they are edible but I think they taste like crap. The third one is a deadly Amanita. Not sure about the last one but it looks rotten. PS don't eat anything that you don't know for sure is edible.

  2. Don't worry- I don't even pick them!