Monday, August 16, 2010

Things That Go CRACK in the Night

It was over 90 degrees in Northern MI on Saturday. I bitched and moaned all day about how I didn't come to northern MI for heat and humidity. I wanted some real Michigan weather.

What's that you're saying? Be careful what you wish for?

Yesterday the wind picked up. I was loving the break from the heat so I left all the windows open in my room. Sometime during the night I heard the loud cracking that can only be trees as they finally give up and bend no more.

I woke up this morning to find Pop already on the phone with the tree guys. This mess was blocking the driveway:

(Yep, that's my dad wearing the playboy bunny PJ's out in the yard.)

Mom and I spent the morning out in the crazy wind checking out the new "ocean-like" Lake Michigan.

Normally you can walk all the way out on the pier. We decided to pass today since we didn't have lifejackets.
Surfing anyone?

By afternoon there were a few guys out on surfboards. That doesn't happen in these parts too often. I tried to convince the guy in the rental place to let me rent a kayak and take it out, but I got a big fat "NO" on that one. You can't blame a girl for asking!

We thought we might not get a sunset since the wind was bringing a big storm, but we got this little treat:

A little bit of beauty right before the storm hit. Tonight I get to drift off listening to the thunder. I've missed this crazy MI weather!