Friday, August 6, 2010


The bike and I took the ferry out to Madeline Island yesterday for some exploring.
I found a new use for the aero bars.

(I only tried to drink out of them a couple of times.)
Windy but beautiful ride:

I hiked the trail and arrived just in time to see this kid do a backflip:
I'm sure his folks appreciated me yelling, "DO IT!" as they tried to talk him out of it. 

Back in town, I found Tom's Burned Down Cafe:

Although I'm not sure why it was called a cafe because it was definitely a bar. One of the signs out front said, "Please don't throw your cigarette burns on the ground for they burn the hands and knees of our customers as they leave. Thanks."  How could I not go in?

Rumor has it it was a cool bar on the beach. When it burned down Tom salvaged the pieces and set them up here. He takes it down and goes to FL for the winter. Smart guy. 

I had a drink with some locals on their lunch break who tried to convince me to come back for the music later. I thought maybe the bike clothes might not be comfortable for that long..... 

As I left there was a bit of advice:

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